Why Time With 5k Race Director?

5k Race Director uses the latest technology in the timing/scoring industry. The Chrontrack system we use is used throughout 6 continents and 50 countries. Events include; Boston Marathon, LA Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon & More.

There are several ways to time & score an event, which include hand timing, note cards, and other inventive ways. The most accurate is chip timing. Chip timing is important if you looking to score several age groups and separating gender. The success of chiptiming technology is achieved through the combination of synchronized multiple antennas, high-tech analog and digital electronics, and dedicated software for live bulk data handling. Simply put, this device will track every individual and place them into results amongst other competitors in the race. This makes giving awards to multiple age categories fast and easy.

  • High-tech and easy to use timing system
  • Fast and accurate results for small to very large events
  • Multipurpose utility: the system can be used in many different active sports events
  • High level service by providing net times and splits for every individual competitor
  • Regional, national, and worldwide network of professional timing companies